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    THIS PAGE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS i was bored and couldn't sleep so figured i'd write some crap here Hi, i am bugz000, welcome to my site! feel free to have a look around. i'm from the UK, shropshire, and i have fun messing around with tech. my main pc is a windows machine, and is where i mostly interface with the tech world, it is an HP ML350E G8 running two intel xeons, octo-core hyperthreading, making a total of 32 cores, it also runs 48gb ECC ram, and a GTX680. storage is a samsung evo 500gb SSD and a 6tb HDD. connected to it is a variety of peripherals including razer naga trinity, logitech G213 prodigy and razer kraken chroma v2 on my laptop, a thinkpad x201 tablet, i'm running debian 11 with KDE plasma 5 beta 5.25, fingerprint and full wacom screen support, audio post processing with viper4linux because, as cool as this laptop is, the speakers SUUUUUUUCk.... i digress; auto connect to my vpn to portal through my dual NAT system all SHA512 encrypted, the laptop also has GSM capabilities i'm eager to explore the server, an r610, 24 cores, with 16gb ram is running debian based proxmox hypervisor hosting nodes containing opnsense virtual router with suricata intrusion detection, opendns based (pihole) dhcp/DNS server and filter, nginx reverse proxy for TLS offloading to handle http requests and ofcourse shinobi nvr hosting a few IP cameras on a seperate LAN, and a little sql database my weather stations My SLR camera for 18 years was a nikon D100, but i recently (2022) upgraded to a nikon D2X, though on the day it arrived, my only lens decided to kick the bucket so i've only marginally blurry images, you can find photos in the gallery My drone is an entirely custom build running 4s packs, 2750kv motors and a gopro 5 black hosting an ELRS receiver, a QX7 transmitter and skyzone 02C goggles through a chaosFPV 1.2w VTX networking is mostly handled by opnsense and isp router but i also have a HP procurve 2650-PWR for PoE and a mikrotik CRS125-24g-1s-rm (catchy!). My weather stations both run ESP32 and bosch BM* sensors and i 3d print the enclosures on my ender 3 v2 my main programming language is AHK, but i am quite partial to PHP aswell, though i know many other languages in at least a beginner level i enjoy making silly API's so keep an eye out on the front page and drop in once in a while to see what's new! you can find me on irc.libera.chat #ahk